Free, easy and one more way to communicate with residents, Twitter can be a great tool for cities. I live in Buffalo, MN and noticed that they took the plunge onto Twitter last week (@BuffaloMN).


For someone like myself who spends plenty of time on Twitter, I’ll likely be better informed.  If they use it to listen to what residents might have to say as well as talk, I’ll be even more impressed.

The obvious big challenge will be in the number of Buffalo residents using Twitter and I’ll be interested to see if the city promotes it via other tools.  These days it’s important to find ways to bring your message where the people are, not try to get them to the message.

Is your city on Twitter? Is it helping you as a resident?


  1. The City of Delano is also using Twitter to connect with area residents about things that are happening in the City. One of the things Delano likes about Twitter is it allows us to communicate with new social media in a non-invasive way. It is great to see other cities join Delano in Tweeting about local happenings!We also love having Five Technologies working out of our historic downtown area!

  2. Thanks Luke. It’s great that Delano (powered by you) is utilizing one more avenue to communicate with residents and interested followers. I have picked up on more of whats happening in Delano from your tweets. We like calling Delano our company’s home as well. Thanks!

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