Say what? A recent post on highlighted where the web will be in 5 years and has 15 different ideas/predictions to consider. Social Media Optimization may become the focus of online marketing, not SEO.


All 15 of them are possibilities and the article provides a ton of links and additional information on each one. Here was one that caused me to ponder.

#12 – Search Engine Optimization Will Be Less Important – In a nutshell it introduces the idea on how Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels help answer peoples questions or point them in a specific direction.  So are we really looking at less Google searches and more “Does anyone know a ….?” on these platforms? Could be a big yes.

As someone who spends a lot of time on search engine optimization and the social media space, when will social media optimization be the buzz? The two already work together on a few fronts.

Many SM experts are already out there helping businesses of all sizes understand and navigate the social web. 5 years from now it just might be common place to be social media friendly if you want new customers. Sounds fun to me. You?


  1. Google’s Social Search should be interesting, signed up for the experiment but haven’t played around with it yet. SEO will still matter.

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