The web and social media gave Dominos quite a headache earlier this year when a YouTube video circulated of a couple of employees “contaminating” a pizza at work.  A nightmare fully disclosed to the entire web is not a fun incident to address and correct.  It’s not the type of buzz you want to garner online.

Now Dominos is back in the buzz of the social media world and this time they are controlling the vibe with a great campaign to reach current and new customers.  Dominos has released their Pizza Turnaround website addressing some of the often received complaints of their product. Here is a video that sits front and center on the website, addressing concerns and showing what they are doing about it … creating a new pizza.


The video starts right out with highlighted Tweets, emails and focus groups dogging the pizza for it’s crust, sauce and overall taste.



I think it’s great to see Dominos just come right out and embrace this. The website also integrates a Twitter feed for any tweets with #newpizza or @dominos, bringin real-time feedback and conversation right to the mix.

They could of gone the “New & Improved” route without showing any of this, but they did and cut right to the chase. They are showing they are listening and interested in what their customers have to say. Simple, often missed, but brilliant.

The same way small business owners run into their customers on the street or the grocery stote and have full exposure to the good, the bad and the ugly; social media brings this aspect to the big brands.

This is where marketing is headed. The diminish of marketing spin and ignorance and the increase of honesty and transparency. I applaud the Domino’s campaign and it’s effort to interact with EACH customer, not just the target market as a whole.

Props to Dominos for their honesty and the time/money they are using to communicate it. I’m a big fan of it.



  1. I also applaud Dominos for taking the harshest, most common criticism and using it constructively. Dominos needed a positive kick after the employee sanitation nightmare and this campaign is more than any consumer could ask for. The recent campaign has nothing to do with sanitation and I think it will work in re-directing focus to the new image of Dominos. When Dominos decided to take the consumers most common complaints head-on, they’ve insured that those same consumers are going to need to work to find a new complaint if they want to continue their current path. I like the social route Dominos is attacking, but only time will tell if they can keep it up with a new recipe and a new outlook on reaching customers.

  2. Great point with Dominos using this in multiple ways to their benefit. I’m also looking forward to the long term outcome of not only buzz/mentions but growth and retention of customers. I hope someone follows up on this with some numbers 4 to 6 months down the road. Thanks Scott!

  3. Hmm. I’ve all but forgotten about that gross video all those months ago, but again I’m not actually a huge pizza guy so it’s easy for me to forget. I think it’s cool that they’re combatting this in this way… and it gives me a reason for a quick field trip on the way home from work today.

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