On Monday this week I saw the message letting me know I had “New Twitter”. Flipped the switch.


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I was looking forward to what I had seen and heard from others.  I’m a power user of the browser version, mostly because I’m in a browser all day long.  I know most prefer Tweetdeck or other apps, I tried Tweetdeck for a few months. I went back to the web interface, it has always worked for me.

New Twitter things I like so far:

  • Tabbed mentions, RTs, Saved searches for easy toggling
  • Easy previews of users
  • Photos & videos tied in
  • More info above the fold
  • Latest Favorite showing – I use the Fav feature a lot
  • Larger suggestions of peeps to follow

Sure, I have a few more features I’d like to see, but it’s a big step forward.  The interface feels solid to me and I’ve taken to it quickly.  What are your thoughts?

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