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Snow Hype? Use It For Marketing

As a Minnesotan, I’m well used to the “snow hype” we seem to put into rumored snow storms. Each one starts with initial forecasts of 2 to 4 inches, then somehow through TV news, gossip and other ingredients, it ends up being a forecast of at least a foot of snow.

What if you can grab onto that hype and join the spin? I was surprised to get an email from a local hotel where I live in Buffalo, advertising a “snow rate” of $69 for the night.


I applaud them for jumping into the topic of the day and using it to put their name into the mix. It’s a great and clever marketing strategy that offers both branding and a call to action.

Here is another example of snow storm marketing, Green Mill Restaurants via Twitter.

Now I’m wondering why the ski and snowboard hill near me doesn’t send me an email telling me what I should do with my day tomororw?

Video from me out in Snowmass, 2009

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