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Target Web Design Goes Wide

I’m not on enough to know exactly when it took place, but in jumping on to scout some Christmas gifts today I noticed they finally went wide in the last month or so.

Target finally pushed its web design layout out to around 970 pixels wide, from the old school 725 pixels wide (for 800×600 browsers).


It looks as they’re still working on expanding the interior content pages to the new width, but the header and navigation stay wide throughout the site. Many of the product detail pages are in the wide format and offer great spacing, layout and usability. They have improved the navigation and drop down menus too with the added real estate. still sits at 725 pixels wide and I wonder what % of visitors they have with a browser resolution at 800×600. Obviously Target’s was low enough to make the move … and probably has been for quite some time.

Back to the reason I visited, the 3 year old in my house is hoping for Santa to show up with this tool bench.

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