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Web Redesign Preview Of The BBC Website

I’m always a fan of web designers and businesses sharing their web design and redesign process with the masses.  The latest I ran across to do so was the BBC.

The BBC website redesign is coming later this month and they put out a great post on their thinking behind their most dramatic redesign since 2003.  You can see a slideshow of screenshots as well. In delivering massive amounts of content daily, the BBC outlined their goals with the redesign.  These items are all contributing to the goal of making their website as EASY to use, read and share as possible.

Their website redesign improvements include:

  1. a fresh, updated design, with more space for the main stories of the day

  2. better use of video and images

  3. clearer and more prominent labeling and signposting of key stories, whether you are on the front page or a story page

  4. a better indication of which are the most recent headlines

  5. easier ways to share stories with others, for those who wish to

Also of note is that the BBC will be rolling out a North America version as well with the redesign, another step in improving the users experience by considering where the user is located.

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