Local First, Mobile First, Customer First – 3 Digital Things

This edition of 3 Digital Things dives into some “firsts” you need to think about. As you’ll find out it’s really areas I think you should focus on in the coming months, putting these items first on your list to help drive your online marketing. 1- Local First It’s as simple as owning your own …

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What Google’s Mobile Search Results Could Look Like For Local – 3 Digital Things for September 2016

Hello fall!  Consistency is building as 3 Digital Things hits the interwebs once again.  I hope you enjoy this edition and I invite you to join my simple, ONLY 4 times a year email list to keep you in the loop on digital things, local search, reviews and me. Hit the subscribe button in the right …

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LocalUp 2015 event

My #LocalUp Presentation: Thriving In The Mobile Ecosystem

Seattle was taken by storm this weekend as MOZ and Local University teamed up to put on the first of it’s kind “super event” for local search.  LocalUp was a full day of serious local search, SEO, mobile and online marketing presentations that brought out some incredible speakers, ideas, tips and attendees into the fabulous …

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mobile web

Test Your Mobile Website For Usability And Speed

Late in 2013 Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool added an additional BETA tool for mobile site user experience recommendations when you ran your site for speed. Now this mobile user experience tool has moved out of BETA and is both helpful as well as signals Google’s dedication to make mobile usability a larger part of mobile search rankings. I’ve …

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Responsive Web Design video

Responsive Web Design Utilizing Mobile Content & Experience Structure

A few things led to this post and video being created. It probably started with getting to do a MOZ Academy video last fall on mobile and got me thinking “that wasn’t too hard”.  The second is the desire to create content of various types and video was up next (I’m already a photo fanatic).  I’m hoping to use …

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