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Facebook For Business Isn’t Tricky Business

I have many conversations with small business owners on Facebook as a marketing tool. For many it’s hard to wrap their mind around how to turn something viewed as social and fun into a business tool. It’s really not that tricky.


There are the obvious routes of creating a fan page for your business and also Facebook ads, but many fail to see the potential in integrating more of their business into their own profile. Yes, fill out your profile, but how about pumping a bit more business vibe into your interaction?

1. Photos – Consider your profile pic. You can use a professional headshot, a more formal shot or an “at work” photo to turn your representation a bit more on the business side. It’s a small visual, but it can help set the tone.

2. Photos – Same as number one and rightly so. Publishing and photo sharing has greatly contributed to the success of Facebook. Creating albums that are work related can go a long way. I post a few photos of every speaking/presentation event I do as well as create albums of web design screenshots. Getting friends, connections and others to visualize my work, my talents and efforts is important. Need a few ideas?

+ Any position: Photos of you attending an expo or event in your industry

+ Salesman: Post photos of you demo-ing your product or your service in action

+ Plumber/Electrician: Post photos of a simple fix or install your friends/family/network might benefit from.

+ Retail Manager/Owner: Post photos of stocking an item, demoing a product, you with a favorite customer

+ Realtor: Post photos of a new listing or a great home you previewed/toured or sold recently

3. Your Status Updates: Giving your network a view of your daily tasks, the things that separate you in business, your talents, ideas and more can go a long way. I share every web design launch with my Facebook friends and find decent click-thrus to the sites from those links.

Guy Kawasaki recently wrote some status update ideas for job seekers to use on their FB page when job hunting.

All of us may have a different blend and style that works to inform our network and not overwhelm, bore or offend. I think in giving it a shot you’ll find what works for you. More than anything, I think it’s a mistake to leave your 100, 200, 500 or more Facebook friends out of the loop on what you excel at to pay the bills, not just the social fun in your life. It’s a tool and it’s all about what you do with it.

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