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SaaS Consulting

Stop going it alone. Leverage my SaaS experience to unlock growth, ideas and wins for your SaaS product and company.


I’ll help you prioritize decisions, improve processes, learn new frameworks, uncover easy wins and give you the support you need to lead. I want to deliver ideas and processes you can take immediate action on to grow your SaaS business.

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// My areas of SaaS expertise

  • Product vision

  • Product marketing

  • Messaging and communication

  • Leadership

  • Customer success and support

  • Process and prioritization

  • SaaS metrics – pricing, growth, churn, NPS, reporting

  • Brand, positioning and customer experience

  • Sales

  • Content marketing and SEO

// What you can expect

  • Participation in key meetings

  • 1:1 weekly or bi-weekly with you

  • Process and tools deep dive

  • Customer and team interviews

  • Feedback, ideas, strategy and process

  • Mentorship

// Why me

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