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Has Your Business Made Money On Social Media? Think About That Answer.

“People ask me if we have ‘made money’ with Twitter. Absolutely yes. But not how most business think. We have solidified loyalty and have our name out there, front of mind. Because of that, many social media meetups use our place. Patience! One has to believe that increased loyalty and awareness are a key to business growth.”

That was the last paragraph in a recent Mashable article on How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media For Real Results.  The quote was from Joe Johnston of Arizona restaurant Liberty Market.

I’m singling it out because of it’s value and accuracy.  So many businesses look to make their mark with marketing that translates into an exact dollar amount (or so they think).  Joe points out the efforts you take on that build loyalty and awareness are keys to business growth. That’s what makes money.

I can also identify with his “front of mind” comment.  I often seek out businesses and places to eat that are on Twitter or Facebook first because I know more about them and see them engaging their audience. I like a business interested in interaction with it’s customers.

So here is the answer you are going to get from me if you ask “Can my business make money on Social Media?”

Yes, your business can make money by enhancing customer loyalty and awareness online, using Social Media. It’s that simple.

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