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Search Engine Optimization Morphs To Social Media Optimization?

Say what? A recent post on highlighted where the web will be in 5 years and has 15 different ideas/predictions to consider. Social Media Optimization may become the focus of online marketing, not SEO.


All 15 of them are possibilities and the article provides a ton of links and additional information on each one. Here was one that caused me to ponder.

#12 – Search Engine Optimization Will Be Less Important – In a nutshell it introduces the idea on how Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels help answer peoples questions or point them in a specific direction.  So are we really looking at less Google searches and more “Does anyone know a ….?” on these platforms? Could be a big yes.

As someone who spends a lot of time on search engine optimization and the social media space, when will social media optimization be the buzz? The two already work together on a few fronts.

Many SM experts are already out there helping businesses of all sizes understand and navigate the social web. 5 years from now it just might be common place to be social media friendly if you want new customers. Sounds fun to me. You?

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