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The Vikings, Some Soda & Building Some Social Media

Here’s a small, basic, but fun example of building a bit of social media … literally. Employees at Walmart in Baxter, MN built a great display of Pepsi products to support the Minnesota Vikings quest to reach the Super Bowl this Sunday vs. the Saints.


Where it get’s social is they then uploaded the photo the’s user submitted photo area … which can then lead to someone else sharing it, blogging or tweeting about it or more. Yup, that further sharing just happened.

I have no idea if they added the photo anywhere else on the web, but it sure was easy to add on more exposure after it was built.

Any retail business could have a little creative fun with their product or store display and then push it to a few social networks. Social media doesn’t have to be complex, you just have to take many basic things a step further and share.

I’d like to see the display come true. Go Vikings.

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