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Will The New Twitter Be Richer Or Richer?

The new Twitter is coming, hitting us social people over the coming weeks in a gradual rollout. As Twitter puts it, they’re looking to provide a richer web experience through a new design, more content variety and related info.

It’s obvious that another piece to this richer experience is the quest to create riches of monetary value. One way to look at the above video is to think that Twitter will help you find the right music, food and spot for a perfect evening. Will it be your Twitter friends that give you this … or will it be advertising that connects you to your sources for the perfect date?

No doubt, it’s time for Twitter to progress and take a next step. It seems they have thought it through and we’re going to get the surface goodies first, but there will be more for sure. I’m guessing the more part of things is about making money.

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