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Getting Started In Public Speaking & Presentations – 3 Digital Things

I get asked about speaking and presentations a lot.  How do you get started? What’s the key? Are you scared? These are all very common and good questions.  I’m now well over 100 presentations under my belt.  I even do it enough that some people think that it IS my only job. This month’s 3 Digital …

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Local First, Mobile First, Customer First – 3 Digital Things

This edition of 3 Digital Things dives into some “firsts” you need to think about. As you’ll find out it’s really areas I think you should focus on in the coming months, putting these items first on your list to help drive your online marketing. 1- Local First It’s as simple as owning your own …

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Facebook Recommendations, Reviews & Live – 3 Digital Things October 2016

This month’s edition of 3 Digital Things is all blue, as in Facebook blue.  The social giant is always rolling out new things, some big and some small.  Recently I’ve come across a few new updates that further solidify why any business would want a presence on Facebook.  Let’s dive in and I invite you to …

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What Google’s Mobile Search Results Could Look Like For Local – 3 Digital Things for September 2016

Hello fall!  Consistency is building as 3 Digital Things hits the interwebs once again.  I hope you enjoy this edition and I invite you to join my simple, ONLY 4 times a year email list to keep you in the loop on digital things, local search, reviews and me. Hit the subscribe button in the right …

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Online Reviews & TV Could Be The Killer Combo – 3 Digital Things for August 2016

Small victory, I made it onto month 2 of 3 Digital Things and it’s only getting better.  I also want to encourage you to sign-up for my email list that is just a quarterly email with my takes covering digital marketing, local business marketing, what I’m up to and stuff like that.  I’ll make it short …

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Aaron Weiche 2015 speaking

Recent & Upcoming Conferences I’m Presenting At, See You There?

The year ended with a great mix of events I was fortunate to present at and 2016 is shaping up to be a great one. The opportunity to share my knowledge, meet new people, be challenged and travel fuels my creative and business passion in so many ways. A Busy End To 2015 The final …

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