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Are You Listening? Google DOES NOT Use The Keywords Meta Tag In Rankings

I realize the video below, from Matt Cutts of Google, could put a large number of SEO pretenders out of business (bummer). It’s a good thing this vidoe clip doesn’t run on on the nightly news to burst the keyword myth bubble. You might want to pass this on to your “webmaster”.

For years, Google has discounted the data/keywords in the meta keywords tag due to spamming/stuffing/misuse of it. The small business owner is the last to know of this though.

The takeway here is to focus on quality web content and being a resource to others with your website. While we do complete this meta tag on the pages and websites we build, it isn’t the silver bullet to good search engine rankings. Keep in mind other engines may use this tag to some degree.

Now you know. For sure. 🙂

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