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Business Blogging Is An SEO Weapon

Matt McGee at Small Business Search Marketing recently featured a HubSpot post on business blogging and it’s impact on traffic. Not a big surprise to me that business’s that blog regularly see as much as 6 times the organic search traffic. Did you catch that, 6 times more?


Matt closed his recap this powerful statement: A good company blog is an exceptionally powerful SEO weapon.

I agree 110%, probably even more.

A key word in that statement though is “good”. As the HubSpot article points out:

“A follow-up study shows that the mere act of blogging does not guarantee more site traffic. Anyone can set up a blog and leave it idle as initial excitements fade. Businesses that actively manage their blogs, however, fare much better than those without blogs.”

Great info to consider for any business wanting to improve online. Maybe it’s time you considered a business blog to contribute to your business efforts … not just setting it up, but managing a good one.

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