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Can You Market To iPhone Users With Your WiFi Connection?

Those of us with an iPhone know that the device will try to locate WiFi connections for use when possible. If you’re like me, you find yourself laughing at some of the strange and odd names that homes and businesses give their WiFi connections. A few weeks ago, when in Maple Grove, I think I stumbled on to a restaurant using their WiFi connection name for marketing.


Now this could be just an accident and with my marketing mind I’m reading too far into it. But it’s the first I’ve ever seen someone use their main service/product and phone number in their network name. Sawatdee in Maple Grove is the owner of this example and their food is pretty solid. They also have a current coupon online for 50% off a second entree.

If it is on purpose, I like it. An easy and small approach that can’t hurt and can only help. I grab my iPhone to check email or use the web while shopping in downtown Maple Grove … and there is Sawatdee letting me know their is Asian food nearby. This would also apply to any nearby laptop users attempting to connect to a network at an office or coffee shop.

What do you think? Accident or Advertising?

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