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3 Digital Things – July 2016

I need to share and write more here.  I have dozens if not hundreds of observations, ideas, takes and experiences monthly that just fall in and out of my eyes, ears, brain.  They end up disappearing because I tend to only share when I have larger amounts of content to share (thus why I love Twitter).

So here is the start of 3 Digital Things, a way for me to share some of my random thoughts or things I come across and want to share.

1-  Gamification and Ego Stats Win, Google Local Guides and Photos

Google was one of the last review sites to jump in an offer points or prestige when they rolled out their Local Guides program a year or two ago.  The gamification has definitely helped their efforts to get more reviews, photos and contributions to local business data.  It got me, mainly because it helped quantify how my photos are viewed.  I should hit 1M views in the next week or so (pure ego stat, sigh).

Google Local Guides

It made me realize how a local community like the one I live in (Buffalo, MN with population of 17,000+) can be so underserved online with local business information.  My photos have helped make for better business listings and hopefully more informed consumers.

I hope nobody thought the Buffalo downtown liquor store offered up a great thanksgiving meal, but yet that was it’s only photo in it’s Google My Business Listing for who knows how long.

GMB photos

Google My Business has gotten more proactive in the last 3 months regarding photos, hours and business data too.  In May I received the following email asking for new photos for my mom’s business (which is now closed as she retired after 20 years running it).  The GMB listing has photos, but they are 2 years old and my guess is Google wants recent and relevant photos.  I’ve since received emails asking for correct business hours and more.

GMB photo request email

Lastly, I also see great importantance on interior photos for businesses, especially retail, dining, hospitality or any business with foot traffic.  While Google can use their Street View shots for a usually accurate exterior view, businesses really need to have users or themselves add interior shots.  I’ve tried to capture more of these.

GMB interior photos

You need to up your photo game, it’s SUPER EASY to have interior, exterior and other photos for your business.

2-  Reviews & Recommendations In Social Conversations

I obviously pay a lot of attention to reviews these days in my work with GetFiveStars.  One area I think businesses lack visibility too and understanding of is the reviews and recommendations that happen in Facebook’s regular streams.  Not all reviews happen on ratings and review sections of platforms.

This one caught my eyer recently in a Facebook group locally for Buffalo.  It’s not hard to see this post reached a lot of locals and almost all of them echoed the same love for the business.  Imagine what they could do if they KNEW this conversation was going on and interacted with all of these fans of their business.

facebook reviews fans

3-  Brand Locally Where You Can – Crowdfunding Ad!

The local brewery in Buffalo is looking to expand and using IndieGoGo to raise the funds to do so.  Realtor Niki Miller contributed and basically wrote a small ad for herself in the process.  Smart, different, well played if you ask me.  I do have to disclosed I’m married to the best local realtor IMHO. 🙂 

local branding

Well, that wraps edition 1 of 3 Digital Things.  See you next month.

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Thanks for reading!

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