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Conversion Rate Optimization Presentation At MnSearch Event

I had the opportunity to present on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) at the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association event this week.  CRO has become a more well known part of online marketing in recent years as search marketing and landing pages have matured greatly.  It also helps that so many great search and online marketers continue to get smarter and smarter in both strategy and execution.

Getting Started With Conversation Rate Optimization

My presentation focused on understanding how to get started with CRO and covered the fundamentals.  My presentation slides are embedded below.

I’d suggest you also check out the other presentations from that night.  Josh Braaten had a great primer on user psychology to boost your CRO and James Svoboda put together a slide deck packed with great CRO and landing page resources.  It was another incredible MnSearch event and I had a great time talking CRO with everyone.

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