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Does Your Mobile Marketing Offer Create Emotion?

It’s no secret that marketing is most often about creating an emotion within your target. Get them to feel the urgency, the value, the elite status … and get them to buy.


In doing some research tonight on various mobile marketing services, I really liked the simple examples given by Opt It as what types of offers can offer value. They were:

  1. Information itself may be valuable – a particular artist is appearing at a club this evening. “I’m glad I know this.”

  2. Dollar discounts may provide value – this weekend a particular item is 2 for 1 at a clothing store. “You showed me the money!”

  3. Exclusivity is an upscale value – today only individuals on our text list receive 25% off. “I’m special.”

  4. Social benefits like belonging or close association are highly valued – our rooftop deck is reserved this evening only for you and your friends who receive this message. “I belong here.”

  5. The benefit of NOW, or immediacy, is valuable – this thing is taking place now, and only you know about it. “Let’s go, it’s happening!”

Simple, but great rule of thumb examples for mobile marketing messages. My only disappointment was that I can’t find Opt It on Twitter or Facebook to interact with more of their mobile marketing knowledge. What’s up with that?

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