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Hunt Or Gather? Bring.MN Might Change MN News

Aggregation, crowdsourcing, RSS readers, feeds, apps … the list goes on of how the Internet can allow for success in being the location where information is pulled together.


Now it’s being tried with local news as former / longtime KARE 11 anchor Rick Kupchella (@kupchella) has launched Bring Me The News (Bring.MN). The website focuses primarily as a gathering point for Minnesota news from other sources, filtered by a handful of experienced news professionals. Bring.MN will be reporting themselves, but just roughly 10% of content will be from them.

In a nutshell, I really like it. I think it can bring light to many other sources for great information. Local blogs, hyperlocal blogs, small town newspapers and more can have a bigger platform if all goes well. Could even Twitter or Facebook be part of the landscape someday?

On a web design note, I like the interface, but feel that the stories are far to subtle in their layout and callouts. I think the minimal use of a header and the lack of banner ads is fabulous though as well as the listing of the story source right upfront. Will it be good or bad for users that they are not a typical news layout with the web design?

I’ll be paying attention to Bring.MN simply for the fact I love the idea, now let’s see if it can bring more than news … a profit.

Visit the website:

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