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If Not For Web Design & Marketing, I’d Be A …

Do you ever give thought to what else you might pour your efforts into if you didn’t have your current career? I’m extremely fortunate to have a career in web design, Internet marketing and business consultingHUGE passions of mine.

But what if the web went away? 🙂

If that happened, or if the mid 1990’s didn’t bring my passion to me, here are 3 things I could see myself doing:

1. Builder/Construction – I don’t think it would be building homes or commercial projects. I kind of like sheds. I could see myself designing and building storage sheds that have a few more features and appeal than the usual 8×12 box. Finding a way to incorporate design, function and lifestyle into sheds would be a fun challenge of design and creation.

2. Snow Plow Driver – Yup, I’ve loved snow plows since I used a toy Tonka roadgrader to clear my parents driveway. It took 6 hours. Living in Minnesota, there is nothing like an 18 inch snowfall that lays untouched until a giant plow comes by and opens up the streets. The combination of machine, nature and an untouched canvas of snow to carve through looks fantastic.


3. Beer Brewer – I’m a big beer fan, so getting a chance to create and brew my own beers to delight others would be a blast. Throw in the fact of packaging creation and marketing and I’d have a blast with it.

So, if these interwebs shut down, watch out for my next career(s).

What about you? I’d love to see a few posts from other web designers or marketers on their other careers of internest.

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