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Marketing, Mobile & Maps Combine For Google’s New Feature: Favorite Places

Google announced their new Favorite Places on Google feature today mixing Google maps, window decals and mobile phones to benefit consumers.

In a nutshell, over 100,000 businesses (to start) are receiving decals for their business window/storefront that include a bar code. When scanned with your phone (includes iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and more) you get the business listing on your device to see reviews or coupon offers from their LBC listing.

This feature makes it a quick connect for a consumer to learn more on a business or easily grab a coupon/offer. It also gives any business one more reason to make sure they are listed in the Google Local Business Center. Run a check of your local listings here:

I like what I see of this new local feature:

1. Its about making it easier to grab more info on a business

2. The mix of web, mobile and brick-n-mortar

3. Easy access to special offers/coupons


The only thing I don’t like is the limited number getting the invites, but my hope is that after ironing it out with the first 100,000k you would be able to request a decal and bar code from the feature.

I’ll be on the lookout for the first decal I run into in the Twin Cities.

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