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Mobile Web Design, Clean & Mean(ingful)

Our web design firm is seeing a solid increase in requests for mobile web design and that will only continue. Smashing Magazine wrote an excellent post on mobile web design tips and trends earlier this year that I wanted to touch on it.


A Different View For Mobile Web Design It’s not hard to notice that you have less screen to work with. With this, you have to change how you look at web design for mobile devices like Blackberrys and iPhones. This leads to the two most important aspects of mobile web design:

1. Clean – With mobile web design less is more. Less graphics, no flash, clean code, semantic structure and plenty of white space is a must. Things need to center around simple with the mobile web and anything less than clean, will be ignored or not used.

2. Meaningful – Once you simplify and consider the limitations you quickly understand your mobile web content must be meaningful. In stripping down the visuals and even the amount of content, you need to understand what will be most important for your mobile web users. Store locations, directions, hours, recent news are all examples of what might be meaningful content. Prioritizing your content and users needs will make your mobile website valuable and visited often.

Of course there are technical aspects that need to be considered from domain structure to mobile browser detection, but with a clean and mean approach you can create a mobile experience worth experiencing.

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