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Responsive Web Design Utilizing Mobile Content & Experience Structure

A few things led to this post and video being created. It probably started with getting to do a MOZ Academy video last fall on mobile and got me thinking “that wasn’t too hard”.  The second is the desire to create content of various types and video was up next (I’m already a photo fanatic).  I’m hoping to use this to pilot more video being used for Spyder Trap’s blog as well as Local University.

The last piece was the topic of this video itself.  In discussions with clients and at marketing events I speak at, I answer a lot of questions on responsive web design and specifically the perception that you can’t control it to the level of detail many want, thus they favor a stand alone mobile website (  You can have control.  Is it easy or something you can just click to make happen in responsive WordPress theme? No. But I’m guessing it will be that easy sooner than later.

So here is my first attempt at my own whiteboard video (Rand is not looking over his shoulder), I’m looking to get one out a month. I hope you enjoy this first “Digital Marketing Short”.

Responsive Web Design Examples, Links & Resources

My video doesn’t fully explain Responsive Web Design in depth so I’d suggest starting here or here to get a deeper understanding if you need it.

One really important piece that I didn’t touch on directly is that where a stand alone mobile site can be a retro-fit mobile solution for a desktop website, responsive is NOT.  Responsive web design needs to be a complete redesign or started from scratch with the right approach across content, usability, design and development to do it right.  Do NOT try to “Respons-ify” your current desktop website.

The Co-op grocery store responsive website and page I cited in my video is here. (Collapse/drag the browser and watch the page content change/adapt to the browser size)

Here are a few posts that have an extensive collection of responsive web designs featured:

Feedback Welcome

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or critiques of my first video, please share them with me. I’m looking forward to putting together the next one in April. Thanks!

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