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The Ultimate Guide To Web Design & Location Pages

I recently put together a comprehensive 3 article series on the Local University blog covering how your website should structure and display business locations.  One of the most trusted sources of your businesses location information that is often used by Google and Bing for local search results comes from your own website.

My posts covered the main three types of businesses by size and outlined what to avoid and what you need to implement to give your users a great web experience and the search engines the clarity they seek.  If you are looking to improve your website or about to redesign your site, you’ll want to consider these posts to make sure you are giving yourself the right structure.

Your biggest rule of thumb:  Whether you have 1 location or 1,000 locations; each location get’s it’s own page!

Post One: Single Location Business & Web Design

If you are a small business with a single location, the rules are simple for producing a location page that is valuable for your users and highly trusted by the search engines.  Even though it’s simple, small businesses often botch it by committing one or many common errors.


Post Two: Multiple Location Business & Web Design

This post is aimed at a business that has anywhere from two to maybe a dozen or more physical locations.  You have enough locations that users need to know and understand which location is closest to them, but the number of locations you have isn’t in need of a “locator” feature on your website to look-up locations by zip code, city or keyword.

multiple location web design

Post Three: Mass Location Business & Web Design

This post is aimed at retail, service and franchise businesses with well more than dozens of locations and likely hundreds or thousands of locations.  For many businesses of this size there are a number of factors that go into how a company serves up its location information on the web and mobile. The website is often integrating data from a database or another technology platform and those individual pieces may have limitations on top of the clear necessity to have accuracy in the data.

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