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Better Email Marketing: Launching A Focused Message

Practicing what we preach, Five Technology is launching a targeted email campaign this year to our e-commerce clients and prospects. The biggest takeaway in putting this together is “What took us so long?”


It’s a win-win effort. Our e-commerce clients and prospects get content, tips and ideas that are much more specific to their business and website. Our firm wins by forming a tighter relationship, further education for the client and a chance to introduce more services to aid in their e-commerce success.

What about your business? I would bet you have some opportunities to deliver a more focused form of communication by segmenting your email lists.

Here are just a few email list segmentation ideas:

  1. Segment your list by customers or prospects

  2. Segment your list by previous purchase types, product or service

  3. Segment your list by location

Those are just three ideas that might allow you to take a piece of your email list and deliver a more focused message for better results.

As for us, we can’t wait to send out our first E-commerce Quarterly next week.

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