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Twitter Favorites: It’s My To-Do List

When you follow hundreds of great people that are constantly putting out valuable tweets, links and conversations, of course you want to try and stay up on as much of it as possible. For most of us, our Twitter stream is more like a raging river. For that reason I use the favorites tag, mostly when I’m on Tweetie on my iPhone to tag tweets and links that I want to make sure and read later.


It’s my own must read or “to-do” list. The feature serves as a great tool for me, helping me build a list I can get to later. When I’m done writing this post I’m going to catch up on 3 different tweets regarding Foursquare, all caught my eye earlier today.

What about you? Do you use the favorites tag at all on Twitter? Do you use another method, service or tool to file away potential gems?

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