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Little Big Things – 3 Digital Things

It’s time for March Madness and another edition of 3 Digital Things.  This issue I wanted to focus on how a few small things can have a big impact for your marketing and business.

1- All In On Video

Video continues to boom, projections have over 50% of video being viewed on mobile devices this year. If you are a small business, you need to get onboard this runaway train.

It has never been easier to make simple videos about your business or specific services and products than now.  Your iPhone or iPad and the iMovie app will do just fine.  Consumers aren’t expecting another Spielberg blockbuster from your video, they want information, insight and trust.

I ran across a great example of a phone-shot video for Magic Water out of Marshall, MN.  Their basic video helps you understand their offering, showroom and products in a visual way.

I see no reason why any business can’t make a short video introduction, overview or customer story video.

Another great example is using time-lapse video to show a process.  I have featured this example in other articles I have written in the past.  It’s from Deck Masters in Texas, who — after attending an event I spoke at — realized that video would be a great addition to their marketing.

Owner Mike Owens said the video for his patio covers has already landed him two new jobs. Anytime you can show your prospects the process and what to expect from your service, you build an incredible amount of trust.

If you want a few insider tips to get a little fancier, this article offers up great iPhone video tips for you.   I’ve heard more than a few other experts in my industry that are very bullish on video.

2- Email, It’s Not Basic It’s A Must

Email marketing is STILL the best value for your marketing dollar.  It has been for years and is showing no sign of changing.  Still haven’t started your business on it? Let’s change that right now with a affordable and simple solution.

tidings email service

My good friend and fellow presenter David Mihm has released his latest business called Tidings.  Tidings aims to be the easiest way to send your customers a valuable e-letter each month and get in front of your market.   David has an excellent track record of creating valuable business tools (he sold his last one for $3M), so give this a look ASAP.

I’m going to be using it for a few SMBs I work with, it’s just plain smart and simple.  I encourage you to check it out.

3- Ask For Feedback

This point shouldn’t come as a surprise considering my current venture GetFiveStars.  But offering simple ways for customers to communicate with you on their experience is so important.

My recent trip to the local grocery store included a slip in the bottom of my bag asking for my feedback.

grocery store feedback

There are many web tools to help you get customer feedback so any business on any budget can do this.  The one thing I want to point out with Cub’s survey is it’s too long and not exactly mobile friendly.  These two things are a must as I’ve done research showing 74% of customers prefer to answer 5 questions and under and making something difficult to do on mobile is a huge no-no.

You don’t have to offer a prize, or get too fancy.  Just find simple ways to communicate you want to learn from your customers and they will teach you valuable lessons.

Small Investment, Big Dividends

All 3 things outlined above can easily be knocked out in a few hours and for a very small amount of money.  Some of these get overlooked because you think it’s too hard, that you have to make it incredible or that it’s too basic.  WRONG.  They are all huge on value, you just have to execute on it.

Good luck, let me know when you accomplish all three and see you for the next 3 Digital Things.

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