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Search Engine Marketing Might Shock You

A Search Engine Land article takes a great look at do-it-yourself search engine marketing in this article.

You can do your own electrical wiring in your house, but most of us don’t. The risk of getting shocked or even starting your home on fire in the future is enough deterrent for me. I go with the professionals on this task.


For small business owners, Internet marketing and search engine marketing (SEM) is often a task they are willing to take on themselves. Creating an account with Google AdWords or the misconception of adding keyword meta tags to their site seems easy enough. They don’t see a risk like getting physically shocked or starting a fire so they give it a whirl.

Two things usually happen:

1. They waste money with incorrect set-up, management, analysis and think SEM is a waste.

2. They waste their own valuable time on a task they are maybe average at, instead of doing what they do best.

So why waste your valuable time when you can hire a professional and have it done right? Easy and free doesn’t equal the best option in search engine marketing. That shouldn’t be that shocking either.

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