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Talking, Teaching, Creativity & Clarity

One of my favorite aspects of my profession is when I get to talk, present or interact with a group on web design or Internet marketing. I recently had the fortune of speaking with marketing profesionals of community banks in Minnesota that belong to the ICBM on social media.


I enjoy bringing my passion, experiences and ideas to those that may not look at things the way I do. There are so many areas to discuss when it comes to conducting business online that you can explore numerous interesting and engaging topics. The biggest thing I strive to do is bring clarity to the topic by providing strong analogies and great examples.

Most often I’m covering 3 specific areas in my speaking events:

1. Web design, specifically good, usable web design

2. Search Engine Optimization

3. Social Media & Small Business

If you have a business group or organization that would like a 30 minute to 2 hour, engaging, thought provoking presentation on these topics or other Internet marketing related areas, drop me a line ( I love talk it, teach it, create it and bring clarity to it.

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