I’m Aaron Weiche. I’m the co-founder and CEO of Leadferno, a business messaging platform that helps businesses close more leads faster.

Recently I was CEO of GatherUp, a customer experience platform, leading its growth and acquisition. If you are in need of an experienced SaaS leader to consult for yourself or your company, I can help.

As a 20+ year veteran of the digital marketing and development industry, I’ve founded and been in executive roles in multiple agencies and software companies. I helped found MnSearch, Local University, launched a SaaS podcast, and speak nationally on search marketing, web design, mobile and reputation management.

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The Chance To Do It All Again

After an incredible 5 years of leading GatherUp from a scrappy start-up to an acquisition (2019), this incredible time in my career is ending. I’m leaving my position as CEO of GatherUp, leaving behind an amazing team, customers that feel like family and a product that makes a valuable impact. A huge thank you to …