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3 Examples Of Web Design Portfolios & Content Strategy

If you are a web design firm or a digital marketing shop, the amazing project you just completed didn’t take 30 seconds to create.  Yet the majority of web design portfolios or “work” sections of agency websites summarize a project in a few sentences and a few graphics only.

Telling The Whole Project Story

More portfolio sections are popping up with deeper project recaps and I’m a big fan.  These sites are telling a complete and compelling story on the project, starting with the problem or need it all started with, challenges, wins, process and of course the end result.

These examples are doing an amazing job with their content strategy showing where they do the smart work on a project and they are building serious credibility with potential clients.

1. Teehan Lax

Want to hear me gush over another digital firm besides Spyder Trap? Just ask me about what I think of Teehan Lax.  Since I came across their work about 8 years ago, I’ve been a fan.  Teehan Lax leverages depth in so many aspects of their content (read their company story) and their portfolio recaps are near epic.

The screenshot below is a recap of their project for Medium and covers the challenge, approach, research, process, insight from team members and so much more.  Read their recaps (scroll forever), you’ll be smarter. I promise.

medium project

2. HLK

HLK released their website redesign in March of this year and succeeded in building a great window into their agency and work.  Their portfolio of projects goes deep into the project’s need, audience, design, technology, the client’s feedback, process and more.

Look over their recap of the mobile project for MapQuest and you’ll see they’ve arrived.

web design portfolio long HLK


Going big is in the name for HUGE and their project portfolio recaps follow suit.  While it’s no where near the novel that Teehan Lax delivers on projects, it shares some great insight behind each project.

See how HUGE transformed Under Armour in the digital realm.

web portfolio HUGE
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