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Can A Web Designer’s Dream Come True?

It can keep you up at night, literally.  IE 6 is the browser of death and many web designers and developers have spent hours on hacks and work arounds to keep their websites working in this outdated browser.

Yeah know it’s bad when Microsoft itself is leading the charge to kill IE 6.  They’ve launched to help the cause.

As the site states, it’ve been 10 years now since IE 6 was released, it’s time to move on.  It was time to move on 5 years ago!

The graphic and data on the site is an interesting look at the main culprits.  Here in the US, while we’re down to 2.9%, it’s big corporate that is the main culprit and many of us have them as clients.

Here’s to hoping the dream comes true in 2011 and we can focus more time on better things!

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