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The Ultimate Geek Laptop Backpack: Everki Concept

After using a messenger bag for the last 8 years, it was time to give my shoulders a break and explore a laptop backback.  After some serious research, I went with the Everki Concept backpack.  It wasn’t cheap, but after a few weeks of use I’m really geeked up about my new geek bag.

Review of the Everki Concept Laptop Backpack

In my research and reading reviews of different laptop backpacks, these items are the  pros that really stood out to me in my decision when buying it and they have help true in now using it.

  1. Checkpoint friendly – You can see in the photo the laptop sleeve/holder folds down separate.   No need to remove it form your backpack, just unfold that compartment and scan away.  It also has padded corners to protect your machine. Nice little time saver.

  2. Lots of space and storage – I’ve already had to carry both my Macbook Air and my PC laptop at once and it holds both easily along with cords and so many other items.  This backpack has a ton of storage and compartments.

  3. Sunglasses hardcase – Right in the top of the bag is a sunglasses and/or cellphone compartment that is a hardcase to protect your glasses or smartphone.  Awesome little feature, especially for travel.

  4. iPad / tablet sleeve – The bag has a built-in iPad sleeve that is felt lined.

  5. Comfortable shoulder straps – Maybe it’s because my messenger bag was always digging in to my shoulder, but the comfort of this backpack is great, even when loaded down.

  6. Heavy duty materials – The bags construction is plain solid. Especially the zippers.  Ever have a bag with crappy zippers? They suck.

The bag is $300 and so far I’m 110% fine with it’s cost as it’s superior to many bags I researched and even evaluated in different stores.  If you need a business mode laptop backpack that looks great and works even better, the Everki Concept is a great choice.

Everki Website & E-commerce Shopping Experience

Since I’m a web design and usability guy, I pay attention to a lot of the little things in the product research and purchase process.

I was really disappointed in the online experience, it definitely doesn’t match their product quality.  The site makes you add the item to the shopping cart before they show you the price, almost as if they are ashamed of their price. Strange.

During checkout there were more than a few screens where even a savvy online shopper could get confused.  Lack of proper labeling of steps, directions and fields made it much harder and longer to spend my $300.  I can only think a few people have quit the process.

The products also have reviews for each, but having all of them be 5/5 stars didn’t really help in my decision. I don’t need to know you like posting 5 star reviews on your own site, but it would be nice if you had more and deeper reviews from past customers.

On the positive side their website offers great photos and a video overview of each backpack, a must to sell a higher priced item than most competitors.

So overall, the backpack is worth the hiccups of ordering and I’d have to think all of their bags match the quality of the one I purchased.  I’m a big enough geek that a laptop backpack is worth smiling and blogging about.

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