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What Website Content Is King

I’m guessing you’ve heard the phrase “content is king” at least a few dozen times if not a few hundred.  The web, in all it’s aspects, has definitely grown to center around content. Social content, website content, content strategy, user-generated content … it’s all about content.

For my next Digital Marketing Short (which I actually got a little long on … 10 minutes) focuses on content and your website.  While it’s great for any marketer or business owner to focus on content for their website (above design and other aspects) because of it’s value, I take a look at being laser focused on WHAT content is king for your business.  Pick that one piece and kill it!

Content An Inch Wide And A Mile Deep

As I point out in the video, your 20,30 or 60 page website might not get the royal treatment on every page.  To have the budget, time, skills or expertise to have all of the pages on your site shine might be unrealistic.  Instead, figure out what page or section of your website is MOST IMPORTANT to your USER.  Then make sure that content is everything to that user and goes deep into your expertise and offering.

My video gives some quick “king of content” examples across a few different types of businesses:

  1. Deck Builder or Construction Engineer: Portfolio/Case Study on each project built, like this

  2. Restaurant or Bar:  Your menu, specifically each individual item

  3. Accountant or CPA Firm:  Your staff and a complete and useful bio

Additional ideas:

  1. Realtor:  Your listings! Have more info and photos on your website than the MLS!

  2. Web Design Firm: Your past projects, more than just a URL, tell the whole project story – See this amazing example

  3. Plumber: Your response time and communication – leaks are leaks, but kill them with customer service!

The Right Content Types

As I outline in the video, it’s a must to use multiple content types on these pages / sections.  The right combination of photos, text, videos, customer quotes, testimonials, maps, certifications, awards and more is key.  Give your user the knowledge, facts, unique details, visuals and story they need to understand YOU are the best resource for this product or resource.

DIGITAL MARKETING SHORTS:  Starting in March of 2014 I’m making a video each month to share some of my insight and expertise. My last video was on Responsive Web Design Utilizing Mobile Content & Experience Structure and you can see all of my videos in the Videos category.

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